How To Find What Inspires YOU

(Sterling Nicole Bennett) How many times have you felt the exciting adrenaline rush of creative inspiration? It can make a difference between writing the best paper your teacher has ever read, and just pouring alphabet soup on notebook paper. How can we become inspired when the odds are against us? What can we do to find motivation in the depths of our psyche?

It all boils down to one question.

What inspires you?

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by Sterling Nicole Bennett, August 28th, 2018

The bright summer sun is warming your skin. The sensation of your breath, and knowing that it is because of this breath that you are alive. Your heart races as your vision of a clear blue ocean gives you an intoxicatingly invigorating spark of a detailed business plan to finally open the frozen banana stand you and your family had always dreamed. After all, there’s always money in the banana stand.

Sometimes when we feel like we are in a creative rut, the best thing to do is start a creative project. If you are a painter, this would be an excellent opportunity to get out your favorite paints and see where the color takes you. Even if it’s just one line on a canvas, that seemingly small gesture could spark the inspiration you need to paint your next masterpiece.


What Inspires You?

There are countless ways we experience inspiration, and the best part of this is that it is completely customizable for you! Our uniquity in and of itself is a source of inspiration. Which raises the question, how can you find inspiration when you need it most?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my favorite memory?
  • What was my favorite toy growing up?
  • What is my favorite movie/ TV show/ video game?
  • What are my favorite sounds/songs from the soundtrack?
  • What is my absolute favorite song?
  • What gets me fired up?
  • If I could have a constant compliment fairy on my shoulder at all times, what would I like them to whisper in my ear?

Focus on what parts of the movie excite you the most. Play your favorite song and dance like no one is watching. Turn the compliment fairies words into a mantra.

Consider posting your answers to these questions somewhere you will see them often, like the wall in your office or even on the lock screen of your phone. That way, you always have a handy list of what excites you to sprinkle in a little happiness throughout your day. Remember, you are unique. The things that give you butterflies in your stomach are specific to you. That’s what makes life fun, right?

What extinguishes your neighbor’s flames might ignite your fire. Your life will change when you remember who you are and what inspires you. There is no cheat code to your life because no one has ever lived it before.  You are unique. Love every part of yourself, and know that it’s okay to be inspired by what makes you weird.

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Sterling Nicole Bennetta writer for Divine Frequency and a millennial on a mission to shine a light on the astral world, was born with a vivid pre-birth memory. She continues to experience frequent astral encounters involving interdimensional portals, repeating simulations, departed family members, and more. Her goal is to help others discover the keys they need to unlock their own door to the astral plane. Sterling believes to truly understand the astral plane; you must experience the magic for yourself. She hopes to help bridge the gap between mainstream depictions of the astral realms and the truth of what is out there.

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