Finding Comfort in the Chaos

(Sterling Nicole Bennett) When the world seems completely unmanageable, it can be easy to revert to our childhood fetal position. We tend to run back to the old habits that comfort us, even if they aren’t beneficial to our current situation. How can we turn these potential regressions into catalyzing progressions?

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By Sterling Nicole Bennett, August 1st, 2018


How do we use comfort to move forward?

There are many personalized ways you can find comfort in your chaotic times. The best part about this is- everyone is different! You have complete creative freedom, and there is no right or wrong answer. (unless of course, your comfort involves harming another person.)

The idea is that you need to accept the comfort as an opportunity for growth. If there is something that is distracting you from your life, it might be trying to tell you that it needs attention. Pushing this away and trying to ignore it will only increase the potential for distraction.

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How can I find what comforts me?

Make a list! Not sure where to start? Here’s an excerpt from mine as an example.

  1. Play a nostalgic video game
  2. Watch my favorite movie
  3. Meditate
  4. Take a nap

Some people might compare playing an old video game to regressing or going back to a primitive you. I disagree. I find that certain things stick to our subconscious because we connect with them on a deeper level.

Perhaps when picking back up that old video game, you will discover customized insights that hadn’t occurred to you before.

Have you ever re-watched a movie and noticed a lot more detail on the screen? Maybe even some plot points you missed? Often we compare these findings to our life, and they can provide insight into a new way of looking at your current situation.

Meditation, or quieting your mind, can also be paramount to organizing the noise in your mind. Reflecting through meditation provides a unique space for you to sort out the good from the bad, and see your situation in a different light.

Some of my best insights have come through when taking a nap. During this time, you are allowing your mind to let go, surrendering to your subconscious completely.

What ways have you found serenity in chaotic times?

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