Astral Overlap and a Precognitive Dream

As many of you know, I have just returned from Contact in the Desert 2018. The conference was filled with amazing speakers, conversations, and naturally, synchronicities.

Let’s back up a bit to the week before the conference.

What Happened When L Died

Recently, I have started a new day job at a health foods store. I haven’t had much time to get to know my coworkers. However, I did have a very interesting conversation with a young man named L.

L shared with me that a few years ago he died. L was dead for 3.5 minutes and in a coma for 2 weeks. While he was out, he spent his time astral projecting around the hospital. He says he remembers being at the nurse’s station and listening to them gossip. He didn’t realize he could leave the hospital.

Since then, L has experienced random, uncontrollable astral projections in his sleep. He was unaware of what these experiences were, or what they might mean, until our first astral projection coaching session.

I told him, “Next time this happens if you’re still unaware of what to do, come find me.”

Finding others on the astral plane provides an extra layer of confirmation to your experience. Having the ability to meet up the next day after an experience such as this and recount similar if not identical experiences has been shown to increase ones overall confidence with the astral plane.

L and J Share a Powerful Astral Projection

About a day later, another coworker, J, comes running up to me.

“I’m mad at you.” She said, playfully. I asked why as I believed I hadn’t done anything that could warrant this reaction. I have not had the opportunity to discuss anything astral travel/lucid dream related with J. So, naturally, what follows took me by surprise.“I had a dream about you last night.”

In J’s dream, she received a text from L asking her to let his dogs out because he was needing to go somewhere for a while. J expressed how irritating this was because she doesn’t particularly care for dogs. But, J is a good friend and decided to come over anyway. She let the dogs out and watched Bobs Burgers on L’s couch when she heard a noise. When she went to investigate, she found me in his house. She asked him why he didn’t just ask me to let the dogs out and he said he didn’t want to bother me.

J didn’t tell L this dream. She left the area after telling me just how vivid the dream was. Immediately following, L came over to me and exclaimed, “It happened again!” He said he decided to find me and was having a hard time figuring out how to locate me when he teleported to J. Confused at first by the fact that J was in his home, he could see she was talking to someone. He described an inability to reach the two as if there was an invisible barrier separating the room. L described yelling, calling out to the two. Then, L mentioned he was watching Bobs Burgers with J on the couch. He recounted that because he wanted to find me, he found me with J even though at first he was unaware who else was there.

I don’t remember any of my dreams from that night except of a face belonging a white man with short gray hair.

L and J dream similarities:

  • J and I were both inside of L’s house
  • Bob’s Burgers (seemed irrelevant at the time but becomes relevant later)

Why Didn’t I Remember the Experience?

Perhaps my higher-self knew there would be a higher impact if my energy was divided between J and L instead of between the 3 of us. The experience may not have been as easy for L and J to recall.

This related to the ghost phenomena where when a spirit, ghost, or even an ET presence expresses a large amount of energy, they are able to close doors, turn lights off and on, manifest in front of you etc. Doing such physical tasks takes an extreme amount of energy from these beings, which is why many teachings refer to meditation as a way of raising your consciousness so that it is easier for such higher beings to reach you.

If we are on the 3D plane, and the spirit trying to contact you is on the 4D plane, the spirit needs to travel down one level to meet you. However, if you meditate and raise your consciousness to the 4D plane, it would be much easier for other 4D beings to contact you, right?

The same goes for any being on an even higher plane. An 8D being would need an incredible amount of energy and purpose to travel down to 3D and tap you on the shoulder. They would have a much easier time meeting you half way. Similar to a road trip.

If you have a friend who lives in New York, and you live in Texas, asking your friend to drive the full 23 hours just to see you wouldn’t exactly be a hospitable action. However, driving 12 hours each makes the trip much more fair and there is an equal energy exchange.

Whirlpools and The Knowledge Book

During my first astral projection coaching session with L, he shared with me his seemingly irrational fear of whirlpools. This struck me as odd, seeing as how L has had no experience with whirlpools and no obvious reason to fear them.

I was standing at the Stillness in the Storm booth at Contact in the Desert with my good friends Matthew Mournian and Awrad when a woman approached us and handed us a large purple book titled “The Knowledge Book.”

the knowledge book

I have a tendency when things like that happen to ignore the information (stubborn taurus in the house) but this time was different. Matthew and Awrad opened the book with me and we flipped to page 678. My eyes immediately went to a section with the capital letters, WHIRLPOOL.

“Now, We have partly opened the Door and We open it for You not as a CHANNEL but as a WHIRLPOOL. (Channels give information and Purify. Whirlpools Suck, Collect, and Convey.) During this Period of Transition, We declare the Truths to you through the Knowledge Book.”

-The Knowledge Book pg 678

My jaw hit the floor. I knew immediately I needed to send the information to L, as he had previously expressed his random fear of whirlpools.

whirlpool knowledge book

Fast Forward a Few Days

I am at the airport waiting to get on my final flight back to Texas when a past astral experience memory is triggered.

I explain this experience in the article I published on May 25th. I felt it was somehow important even though it didn’t make sense at the time.

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To summarize the astral plane experience,

“I knew I was in for a long flight, so I approached the nearest refreshment area to purchase a water and something to eat. Out of nowhere, someone grabbed my money out of my hand. I chased him down until they gave it back, even throwing coffee on him.”

“I walked back and waited with an Asian woman I was acquainted with to board. I thought it strange that there was no TSA check. No one inspected my bags or checked me for bombs.”

Quick note, I found it very strange how during my flights to and from CITD I experienced little to no security checks. TSA has really seemed to relax for some reason. Realizing this theme was in this LWAP took me by surprise as I had forgotten the detail.

“The overhead speakers went off, blaring an emergency broadcast notification. The flight attendants told everyone to be silent as we listened. I expected tornadoes but the system said there were fires across San Antonio. The flight attendants looked worried. We began boarding, I watched as hundreds of people filed into the terminal. My Asian friend and I were of the last to board. When we stepped onto the jet bridge, it began to shrink, as if it was pulling away from the plane. I ran out and yelled, “Open the bridge!” We all ran to the plane. I said, “that scared the hell out of me.”

I was in the San Fransisco Airport. My plane was incredibly late getting to the terminal and they passed out complimentary water and snacks as an apology. I was surrounded by people including several woman looking identical to the asian friend from my dream. Then, I met the man with the white hair whom I had seen the night L and J had their experience.

What sounded like fire alarms started to blare,  and the flight attendants spoke to the impatient crowd stating we would have to wait a while longer. I watched as they hung up the intercom and proceeded to express stress and concern.

I became very cautious. I was most worried about purchasing anything in fear someone would run up and grab my money like they did in the dream. So, I sat on the floor and waited, talking to the white haired man.

The time finally came to board, and I was hyper aware that the jet bridge may move. I projected mental shields around the area. Perhaps that is why I was there, who knows?

I watch hundreds of people file onto the jet bridge. When it becomes my time to board, I walk to the bridge myself.

A large group of us stood on the jet bridge motionless for what must have been 10 minutes. Behind me, a woman commented, “Some people don’t know how to board a plane.”

Then, the jet bridge began to move. I grabbed the wall right as a man with a yellow vest hit the stop/cancel button in front of me.

I stepped onto the plane and found my seat. It was then that I noticed my high school government teacher was boarding the same flight. What are the odds?

The captain comes over the speaker. He informs us that this plane is from the maintenance center and that it had electrical issues. He explained the plane basically needed to be jump started.

JUMPSTARTED? What? I’d never heard of such a thing. I stayed calm, understanding that I might actually die in this moment. I proceeded to project a mental shield around the entire aircraft. That might sound silly to you, but I’m willing to try anything.

We safely take off. My brain is reeling. What on earth could all of these parallels mean? I began to think about J and L’s dream as well as I drifted off into a meditative state.

I watched as what seemed to be tall gray aliens appear in my mind. Most times when I meditate I see rings of light pulse from me and to whatever telepathic message I am receiving. I watched as this proceeded to happen.

The flight I was on included free tv shows and movies. I wanted to watch Broad City (its the bomb) as I had watched a few episodes on the flight previously. Even though it was the same airline, Broad City wasn’t available.

But guess what was?

People of Earth

People of Earth is a comedy show about a support group for people who believe they have been abducted by aliens. It contains a metric butt ton of soft disclosure. I had never gotten to watch this show before as it only airs on television and I stick with streaming services. So, I took this time to check it out.

I wondered if maybe finding this show was represented in my dream by the zero gravity craft I entered instead of a plane.

Anyways, People of Earth provided a lot of synchronicities at first. Let’s list them.

  • One of the “experiencers” has the same last name as my biological mother. (I was adopted after a mysterious pregnancy which is a story for another day)
  • One of the “experiencers” looked very similar to Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency. (except Teresa is way prettier ;D)
  • A woman had a hybrid children flash back (reminded me of my pregnancy story in which my daughter was taken from me on the astral plane
  • There was a man who looked incredibly similar to the Green Man I spoke of here.
  • AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST the actor that voices Bob in Bob’s Burgers is one of the leads in People of Earth. (The same actor voices Sterling Archer in FX’s Archer.)

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The seemingly strange and irrelevant detail of L and J both dreaming of watching Bob’s Burgers with me came full circle when by accident I find the same voice actor, who also voices a character with my same name in Archer, in a show about alien abduction.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Starting a dialogue is a great way to uncover hidden pieces of the puzzle. What are your thoughts?

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