Breaching the Veil, Mediumship, and Smoke Portals LWAP

Last Week on the Astral Plane…

The following dream sequence includes white smoke portals, classrooms, mind control gas, and a moment in which I break through the astral veil and affect another person. After the dream, I confirm the event with the person and watch a man hover above his own body after a deadly car accident on the highway.

I was at a school of some kind and I was trying to find my way to a place I was supposed to be. I went up to an employee to ask for directions and waited as a person came out of a portal. She was excited and smiling and appeared to have been crying a bit. She said, “I just won $40k where do I go?” The employee gave her directions and then directed me where to go.


I walked down the hallway. There was art lining the walls. I approached a turn as I spotted an old childhood friend sitting at a table with chemistry beakers and test tubes. I said hello and asked where I should go. She pointed and I watched as another childhood friend walked into a doorway dressed in a ball gown. I thanked her and hurried to follow the girl in the ball gown.

When I stepped into the doorway I expected it to be like I was walking into another room, but instead, it was a portal. Everything changed. Everything was white vapor smoke, nothing else was visible. My brain seemed to slow down as the words I had spoken when entering the door became deeper and drawn out. The white smoke filled my mouth and lungs as I fell into it. The smoke tasted like sugar, like candy. There was no ground, my feet were on nothing. Time slowed down and it reminded me of a loading screen in a video game, how the music changes and can be glitchy. I couldn’t breathe but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I just waited.


Then I woke up to someone knocking on my apartment door. I ignored it and meditated to see what was happening next.

A woman appeared. She must’ve been in her late 40s and had glasses with her hair in a low gray bun. She was staring at me. I was in a room where people or students were all sitting in a giant semi-circle around the woman. I got the impression they were waiting on me.

I woke up again because my husband came to tell me who was at the door. I told him I was busy trying to figure something out. He laughed and left the room.

I tried going back, focusing on that room.

I walked out to rejoin the class and there was a game everyone was playing. They were sitting at different tables. The teacher wanted me to chose who to sit with depending on the role they played in the game. I was going to sit with someone who was alone but they said I had to sit with two people they knew I got along with because they set up the game just for me. I thought it was strange but I went along with it. A creepy older man started putting his hands around me and called me his doll. I freaked out and said I’m not a prostitute and expected others to defend me. They didn’t. My teacher came out and listened to my complaint but I could tell she thought I was overreacting. I grabbed my stuff and left.

675_1I found myself outside a huge 20 story building. I overheard several groups mock me. I ignored them as I tried to find a way home. A woman approached me and was kind. She was blonde with her hair pulled back into a low ponytail. She smiled at me as some men came up behind her. She handed me a small green cup and asked me to inhale. I went along without a fight. Then I watched in the third person as they took me back inside. They had me do simple tasks a mental patient would, like children’s puzzles and arts and crafts. They were drugging me and it was all a blur.

The blonde woman came by again and made a fuss as if I wasn’t supposed to be thinking for myself as if my meds wore off. I escaped.

The dream shifted, and I was at work. I watched as one of my coworkers, E, walked into my department. I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention as people began to come up to me and asked questions.

The dreams ended.

I had worked a closing shift the night before and had made it home with the department cordless phone in my apron. Each department has one phone so we can all contact each other without having to stand in the same area. Upon this unwelcome discovery, I became aggravated. I was off work the next day and had planned to use this last day off before CITD 2018 to produce content and complete many chores. Being forced by my own negligence to make an extra trip to work threw a wrench in my plans.

I reminded myself that there has to be a reason this happened. When I awoke from the dream the first time, it was 8 am. When I went back in, I didn’t wake until 11:45 am. I knew there had to be a purpose for it, but it seemed so scattered that I wasn’t able to pinpoint what that purpose might be. Perhaps I would find out the next day.. and I did.

When I arrived at work, I quickly ran the phone back to my department and grabbed some heavy whipping cream I had forgotten to purchase the night before. E, one of the cashiers, waved me over to take my payment for the cream.

FYI, E and I have never spoken about dreams at all.

E goes on to tell me, “I had the craziest experience in your department earlier today.  I walked in and all of a sudden I remembered my dream from last night and you were there! I don’t remember anything else except that you were there.” I smiled and let him explain. I told him we would talk later to avoid holding up the line. I had tapped him on the shoulder in my department earlier that morning on the astral plane, meaning I reached through the veil of the astral to someone who was awake. Adding yet another layer of proof to myself that these experiences are very real.

Perhaps I forgot to return the phone and pick up the cream so that I would have a small moment with E to nudge him in an open-minded direction. Everything happens for a reason.

Then, on the drive home, I followed an ambulance onto the on-ramp of the highway. I quickly realized this was a bad idea as I watched firetrucks and many more ambulances rush up from another entrance. There had just been a major accident moments before.


When I passed the accident, I saw a person with their face and body covered being loaded into the back of an ambulance in seemingly no hurry. There was a man on the ground with his arms above his head. His eyes were closed. There were people standing around him, just staring at him. No one was attempting CPR, no one was doing anything except looking at him. I became extremely emotional.

I saw the man standing above his own body with only a very thin cord connecting the two. His arms were crossed. He wasn’t emotional, in fact, he seemed uninterested. He walked around the crash site for a bit before I passed it all together.

As I drove away, tears streaming down my face, I heard lyrics of a song inside my head. “Meet me in outer space. I’ve grown tired of this place, this might be the only way. Won’t you come with me? We can start again.”

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps the reason I was so late getting out of bed was so I would be on the highway at the exact right moment to witness this event unfold.

I’ve had many telepathic medium experiences throughout my life. This event slapped me in the face with the reminder that these abilities are very real and it’s my responsibility to practice them. I’m here for a purpose, one of which being to help people connect with other dimensions and find healing through a connection. If you’re out there and you have similar experiences, let me send you this reminder…

Stay focused on the mission.

About The Author

Hello! My name is Sterling Nicole Bennett. I have a memory from before I was born where I chose my earthly body.  I am an avid lucid dreamer and a predominantly clairaudient natural born medium. I  have spent as long as I can remember bouncing around on the astral plane. There, I have met up with other people, including multiple races of ET, visiting different dimensions/universes/timelines and much much more. Now, I aim to share these experiences so that we may collectively build a stronger understanding of where they come from, and what their purpose truly is.

Sterling Nicole Bennett is a millennial on a mission to bridge the gap between mainstream entertainment and the disclosure community. Sterling has spent her life thus far studying and experiencing all things paranormal and metaphysical. Sterling is dedicated to sharing her awakening journey with the world, always learning and constantly growing. Her mission on this planet is to serve others by teaching them how to serve themselves. 

“It’s not about where you go, it’s how you get there.”

Some of Sterling’s recent projects include: Youtube Channel Sterling Nicole Bennett, Appearances on Jimmy Church Radio Fade to Black, Interview about Psychic Connection and Astral Projection on Stillness in the Storm Show, working as a Conscious Agent for Stillness in the Storm, and Exclusive Interview about Blue Sphere Beings with Secret Space Program Insider Corey Goode.

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