An Airplane Built for Zero Gravity LWAP

Last week on the Astral Plane…

I was in a large gathering in an indoor stadium. Next to me sat my high school best friend V. We were reunited after all this time, surrounded by people we’ve never met. We were all gathered for a purpose, of which we were unsure. But at least we knew each other.

V and I watched as a woman with brown hair screamed and went ballistic a few rows away from us. She was speaking about something that sounded absolutely nuts. The woman threw something at me and began to spit in my face. I stood up for myself and reported it. V and I watched as men in white coats came and dragged her out of the large group. As they walked through the solid white double doors, I wondered where they were taking her.

I came back to my old childhood home to retrieve some things I had left behind. It was night time, and upon entrance, I realize I was not alone. There were several men in black outfits attempting to steal from the house. Intruders. These intruders subjected me to vigorous torture and multiple tests. Some of which were quite graphic in nature and I’d rather not describe them. I found a way out of the house and ran to find help. On the front lawn stood two of my childhood friends. I explained to them I needed them to call the police but they didn’t believe or understand me. We left the area and went to a party where other people who had experienced the same thing I had were attending.

I walked up to a group of women I knew who were sitting at a white round table in fancy dresses. I told them what had just happened to me, seeking some sort of help. They seemed to understand, and I was satisfied with this. I turned to walk away and I heard them laugh at me. When I confronted them, a brown-headed woman with her hair in a low bun replied, “You must have smoked something fake.” I replied that I had not smoked anything at all and that this was absolutely real. I walked up to a woman who was in the house with me and experienced the strangeness first hand and realized that she was now very pregnant. I asked her why no one would believe us. She went from not being pregnant to being about ready to pop in a matter of hours! There must have been some sort of inter-dimensional play. How could no one see that?

There was another woman standing in a small kitchen hooking an IV up to my pregnant friend as she stood upright. A man came over and asked her to share her IV and she replied: “I’m pregnant and have a hangover for God’s sake.” The man left without an argument. It was like all the events that occurred happened in one night, like we shifted timelines.

I was walking through the airport with only my freshly received ticket and stacked shoulder bags. I knew I was in for a long flight, so I approached the nearest refreshment area to purchase a water and something to eat. Out of nowhere, someone grabbed my money out of my hand. I chased him down until they gave it back, even throwing coffee on him.

I walked back and waited with an Asian woman I was acquainted with to board. I thought it strange that there was no TSA check. No one inspected my bags or checked me for bombs. The overhead speakers went off, blaring an emergency broadcast notification. The flight attendants told everyone to be silent as we listened. I expected tornadoes but the system said there were fires across San Antonio. The flight attendants looked worried. We began boarding, I watched as hundreds of people filed into the terminal. My Asian friend and I were of the last to board. When we stepped onto the jet bridge, it began to shrink, as if it was pulling away from the plane. I ran out and yelled, “Open the bridge!” We all ran to the plane. I said, “that scared the hell out of me.”

When we got to the plane, it was much much bigger than anything I’d ever seen. I look for the traditional rows of seats but couldn’t find any, instead, it looked like the inside of a space ship. It was huge. The first layer had different seats, some lying down and some at control panels. Then when you look up you see a balcony all around teasing that the second floor is where I was supposed to be. It looked like in one area there was a party being thrown, with green and blue lights flashing. I started to make my way up to that level, climbing past the cool seats. It looked like it was designed to be navigated in zero gravity.

My Asian friend wasn’t with me, instead, she was watching me with some others near the entrance of the plane. She looked almost Cat like. Black hair, tall and slender, Asian eyes. Feline race? She could be the same ET woman I had met in dreams prior, named Wendy.

I met Wendy and her son after waiting to meet some ET in a large portal room. When patiently waiting to meet my new friends, a woman peeked her head into my line of sight. She had slightly larger eyes than the average human. Her skin was a pale blue, and she had shoulder length black hair. I kept trying to look behind her, not understanding that she was the ET I was here to meet. Once it sunk in, I embraced her. She introduced me to her son as well. She even brought a Christmas tree ornament as a gift, stating that she knew of earth traditions and thought it would be a good gesture.

This is the second dream I’ve had this month involving large airplanes. The first of which, I was flying.

What could these dreams mean? Could these be some sort of precognition of events to come? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

About The Author

Hello! My name is Sterling Nicole Bennett. I have a memory from before I was born where I chose my earthly body.  I am an avid lucid dreamer and a predominantly clairaudient natural born medium. I  have spent as long as I can remember bouncing around on the astral plane. There, I have met up with other people, including multiple races of ET, visiting different dimensions/universes/timelines and much much more. Now, I aim to share these experiences so that we may collectively build a stronger understanding of where they come from, and what their purpose truly is.

Sterling Nicole Bennett is a millennial on a mission to bridge the gap between mainstream entertainment and the disclosure community. Sterling has spent her life thus far studying and experiencing all things paranormal and metaphysical. Sterling is dedicated to sharing her awakening journey with the world, always learning and constantly growing. Her mission on this planet is to serve others by teaching them how to serve themselves. 

“It’s not about where you go, it’s how you get there.”

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