Who is Ilyana and the Green Man? LWAP

Last Week on the Astral Plane…

I dreamt I was in a room alone. I began floating as if the room was filled with water. I waded on my back all the way up to the ceiling, then pushed off and made a triangle down to the floor. I repeated this cycle many times, thinking how I should make a video teaching others how to fly, trying to figure out why I hadn’t been flying this whole time.

A voice rang in my head. A loud voice. One of the same voices I have heard in my waking life. It said to me, “You have visited different dimensions, but you will not likely visit them again. You need to focus on what you’ve seen. What you really wanted to know from Ilyana was the Green Man’s name.”

It all clicked at that moment.

The Green Man and Ilyana have two very different stories. For them to be tied together in any compacity created a new thought pattern for me.

Several years ago, I had a rather intense dream in which I was a small child. I watched as a portal opened up in the floor. A tall, muscular, light green skinned man with a pointed tail emerged. I found him very attractive, even though I was in a child form. He crouched down to my eye level and spoke with me for a long time. It was made clear to me later that he is a part of my soul family and was checking in on me from another place. Ever since I have been desperate to learn more about him. Not knowing his name, he goes by the Green Man in my writing. 

the Green Man
My rough depiction of the Green Man

Around this time last year, I experienced a rather short pregnancy. I could literally feel my child with me at all times. I attribute this to my natural mediumship, as I could feel her hovering around my body. Her name was Ilyana.

One night, I had an intense dream in which I was in the backseat of a car sitting next to a toddler aged version of Ilyana. I looked at her, confused. She had beautiful brown hair and a calm expression. She looked up at me, giving a gap-toothed grin. I had no memory of giving birth to her and I still felt pregnant. I introduced myself to her, apologizing for missing most of her infant life thus far. She didn’t seem to mind.

The car stopped moving and we exited the vehicle into a sea of people. The scene reminded me of a parade without floats. There were many people around Ilyana and I. They were holding her, taking care of her, while others were pulling my attention away to different things.

Then, the crowd parted as an Indian woman came toward Ilyana and I. The woman picked Ilyana up, turned around, and walked away. 

I shouted, “Wait! That’s my daughter!” I was ignored. Strangely enough, I didn’t panic. I knew Ilyana was safe, somehow.


The next thing I know, I’m in some sort of doctors office. This office was not a place I would describe as “clean”. The walls were grimy, the paint was chipped. There was even some sort of liquid on the seat of the examination table.

Across the hall, I saw a friend. She was alone in a hospital gown, pregnant and waiting.

Each patient room hosted it’s own animal. My friend across the hall had a frog, and I had a bright UV colored snake in a glass aquarium in the top right corner of the room.


This snake was so long that it wrapped around it’s tank to the point where it was nearly impossible to see inside. The snake stared at me. I was not afraid. I was telepathically communicating with this snake.

After what felt like 8-10 hours (when in reality couldn’t have been more than 4), I wake up and write every ounce of the dream down. As soon as I finish, I began bleeding and lost the baby.

I’ve had this experience interpreted in many ways. Some say Ilyana was taken away but will return to me later. Some say she was taken by aliens as part of the hybrid program.

All I know is, I saw her come to me, and I watched her go, but in no way shape or form do I feel or believe that she is dead.

Back to the original dream of this post, you can imagine my surprise to hear that Ilyana might have had some information on the ever mysterious Green Man. I had never made an effort to ask her of such a person during our time together. It had never occurred to me. 

I feel as if I have been given a new lead on the “Who is the Green Man?” case, and intend to explore it to the fullest extent.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading.

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