Clairvoyance or Mental Illness?

Recently, I spent a few days in mental agony unable to shake the question of my own sanity. I wasn’t able to quiet the anxious thoughts of, what if I’m crazy? Or, what if what I’m experiencing is actually a spiritual gift?

What if everyone labeled with schizophrenia or something like it is actually experiencing a spiritual experience? Could that many doctors be misdiagnosing patients? Might these voices really be auditory hallucinations? Or is that just another government control technique designed to terrify you of your own power?

I had it boiled down to: either my psychic abilities are growing at an exponential rate, or, I’m flat out losing my mind.

Like any good millennial, I took my anxiety to Google. I read articles and watched videos about schizophrenia and other trauma-induced disorders. Of course, these terms are terrifying. Learning about people with these disabilities was an absolute mental nightmare. Empathizing with the public scrutiny and mental agony these people must be experiencing was overwhelming.

Then, I found an online schizophrenic screening test. Granted, any online psychology test is bound to be misleading, but I was curious as to what types of questions the test would ask. These questions are answered using a scale from “Not at all” to “All the Time.” Let’s go through some of them.

I believe that others control what I think and feel.

This is a loaded question. Believing others influence the way you think and feel could mean an array of different things. Having a strong sense of empathy could lead you to feel others thoughts and emotions, and you may interpret that as being controlled by others. Some people believe they are being followed by the government and could believe that the proven psyop technology is being used to target them. Which is a valid point, because let’s say, if you were being targeted with these mind control technologies, and you were being controlled by an outside force, there is absolutely no way you could ever prove it. And there is no way any psychologist or therapist would ever believe you. Knowing that creates a sense of distrust in your own mind, possibly leading you to believe that you actually are crazy and you begin to believe what the government trained doctors are telling you. Answering anywhere in the realm of yes to this question could create the illusion that you are an easy target.

I hear or see things that others do not hear or see.

Obviously answering yes to this question is an admission of mental illness. Hearing things that no one else hears is also the definition of clairaudience and is considered a spiritual gift. Does this mean that every person who believes they have the gift of clairaudience is schizophrenic? Surely this can’t be the case. Seeing things no one else sees could mean so many different things as well. You may see or hear spirits after someone close to you passes away. Assuming that every single auditory or visual anomaly is a hallucination is a horrifying way to view the world.

Who’s to say a person with 5 different personalities is actually one vessel with 5 souls? 5 lives living through 1 body? Just because you hear things no one else hears, or see things no one else sees, doesn’t automatically point to those things being hallucinations. Are we meant to live in fear of discussing what we experience? This world has become so close minded to the possibility that human evolution might take on more forms than originally predicted. Who’s to say that these people with mental illness aren’t actually reaching the next stages of evolution? The people they see and talk to might actually be real on some other plane of existence, right?

I can’t trust what I’m thinking because I don’t know if it’s real or not.

I mean, you probably wouldn’t be taking a quiz without having some level of paranoia in you already, so I’d say that leads to an automatic “all the time” answer for this one.

I have magical powers that nobody else has or can explain.

I mean, come on. What is their definition of “magical powers”? If I was taking this test in person, I’d be asking all sorts of questions. Magical powers? You mean like the law of attraction? Alchemy? These are things that a lot of others have the ability to do. This question makes you ask yourself if it really is all just in your head. That’s ridiculous! If it was all in your head, then explain the secret societies dedicated to harnessing the underground magic and alchemy of this world. Do you really think such large organizations like the Masons would all actually be crazy? Come on! I believe I have the uncontrollable power of astral travel. I believe in telepathy, the Law Of Attraction, Reiki, Chi balls, weather manipulation and so much more. But I don’t think I’m special in the sense where no one else can learn these things. The only reason we have any knowledge of these mystical topics is through the communication of older generations and literature. Try saying that to your therapist.

Others are plotting to get me.

The truth is, of course others are plotting to get you. Someone will always be jealous of you, or vengeful, and they will target you. That’s just a part of life. Now, covering up all your windows and only going out at night in fear of being discovered might spike some alarms of paranoia, but how can you tell when it’s just a paranoid thought or a life-threatening situation? If you receive a label of mental illness, this creates a whole new layer of confusion to that question.

I talk to another person or other people inside my head that nobody else can hear.

Let’s get real for a moment. You’re telling me it’s not normal to have an always running inner dialogue like that guy in Scrubs? A well-known channel once told me, you have to build trust with yourself because no one else can ever validate what you’re hearing. You are the only one who will ever fully understand yourself. This channel works with a team of about 5 different beings. Might she actually have multiple personalities? Or is she really channeling information from higher bodies of consciousness? What if she is really, truly tapping into some high vibrational energy, and then all of a sudden some psychiatrist labels her as schizophrenic or DID? How would we really ever know the truth?

There are more questions on this test. If you’re interested, you can take it here:

Without going to a therapist or psychologist, this test might provide a good idea of what sort of questions they would ask. If you are concerned about your mental health, find someone to confide in. This world is a mess. Trust your gut, and stay strong.


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