The Path Toward Mastery is Laden With Obstacles: Here is Why

Divine Frequency

by Laura Eisenhower

The path toward Mastery is laden with many attacks, pitfalls, and mistakes for a reason.

What is The Reason For These Obstacles?

This is how we learn and how we build our spiritual immune system.

This is also how we clear:

  • ancestral patterns,
  • programs, and
  • the genetic harm that has been afflicted upon us.


Author – Laura Eisenhower

We can work hard to bypass challenges, but where it is not possible, there are important lessons, reminders, and epiphanies to integrate. Rather than feel defeated or like you are failing, it just takes devotion.

Through that devotion, your higher mind will always step in to guide one toward:

  • solutions,
  • transformations, and
  • knowledge of Soul Alchemy.

This is how the reversals and negative patternings are corrected and we are then able to advance ourselves.

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