3 Examples of how the Internet has Changed Lives


It doesn’t matter what your passion is, as long as you never stop chasing it. These 3 examples above are of content creators who kept trying, never stopped developing their skills, and are now successful. Don’t dismiss these stories just because you’ve never made videos, or escaped into a virtual world.

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Shane Dawson and Bobby Burns

The first story I want to tell you is that of an incredibly successful YouTuber with over 12 million subscribers, Shane Dawson. Shane Dawson has changed so many peoples lives during his 10 + year career. He started out as a young, insecure kid and found a way to follow his dreams. Shane seems to have made it his personal mission to help struggling creators achieve success. Today, we are going to talk about Shane’s latest project, Bobby Burns.

Bobby Burns, another Youtube Creator, wasn’t exactly discovered by Shane. In fact, Bobby actually made a hit piece on Shane Dawson, telling him how much he hated his content in a video titled, Shane Dawson the “Conspiracy Theorist”

Shane saw this video, and what he didn’t expect, was that he would actually LIKE Bobby. Shane realized that he genuinely wanted Bobby to succeed, when he expected to get triggered and angry with someone who would slander his name publicly. So, do you know what Shane did? Shane Dawson contacted Bobby Burns, flew him out to LA and went on to film 3 videos with Bobby to publish on Shane’s channel, titles including Confronting My HaterConfronting My Hater in Person, and Hater Confronts my Mom.

Shane and Bobby also collaborated on videos for the Bobby Burns channel as well, titles including Exploring the Internet: YouTube Collab Videos  , My Conversation with “Theorist” Shane Dawson, and What Actually Happens When A Famous YouTuber Collabs With You.

Those videos so far collected a total of over 15 million views. Bobby had been promoted by YouTube Royalty. Bobby has stated that he has been making videos on YouTube since he was 11, and he is now 21. He had tried everything to make it big. Bobby had around 290k subs before Shane contacted him on December 10th, 2017. Of course, 290k subs is A LOT of subs, but it is a very competitive environment to break into the top tier of YouTube fame, which Bobby Burns was clearly after. Well, he got it. Today, Bobby has over 800k subs. That’s a growth of nearly 300%. Shane has since hired Bobby Burns to work for him, and now Bobby is in the process of moving to LA to make all his dreams come true.

But the story doesn’t stop there, Shane Dawson this past week absolutely shocked me. I was floored. I honestly thought this next video was clickbait, but I am so happy to report that it wasn’t. Shane Dawson showed how truly selfless he is by going to a car dealership and literally, I kid you not, BUYING a $50 thousand car for Bobby Burns for his birthday!! This car was nicer than Shane’s own car. Shane stated, “Because you’re moving to LA, because you’re going to be rolling with me, I want you to be rolling like me.”


This story really touched me. Bobby Burns was a creator who had never stopped fighting for his dreams. Always growing, always learning, even when he felt like a failure, Bobby Burns kept going. And now, thanks to his own hard work and diligence, Bobby Burns has earned his seat next to YouTube royalty, and has the opportunity to make a wonderful career for himself. I can’t wait to see what comes of it.



This next story, might be a little bigger than the last. And that’s because, it affects thousands of people, not just a few. Many of you may have heard of a game taking over the internet lately called VRChat. VRChat is essentially a sandbox chatroom where users can choose from a countless number of avatars, and even design their own, giving artists a chance to flex their muscles. Many memes have stemmed from this game, including the infamous Knuckles always clucking and asking if you know the way. 


Because of the freedom VRChat provides, it offers a sense of safety for all those who enter, whether in desktop mode or wearing a virtual reality headset. VRChat takes away the personal insecurities you have by allowing you to choose from infinite avatars, for free. Many people have taken this as an opportunity to become characters, and stay in character while they are in the game. Remaining in a consistent state of improv. Also known as, roleplaying. When the mask of your identity comes off, the ego is stripped away. You are truly free to be or do whatever you want, without the average social pressures. Many users have taken this opportunity to host open mic nights where users gather and take turns entertaining each other by singing, telling jokes, and cheering each other on.


This has given thousands of people the ability to practice and express their talents freely, without the pressure and ridicule from their families or friends in the real world. Through this medium, many users have built up the confidence in their abilities to branch out into the real world.

There are a few people who play VRChat who decided to begin streaming their experience on Twitch, a video game streaming app. Twitch allows viewers to communicate with the streamer and donate to them throughout the stream. Many Twitch streamers have made quite a decent earnings from just playing their favorite games. Sounds pretty cool, right?


Now, I will tell you the story of Nuts. Nuts is a character played by now Twitch Streamer WuzzB. Nuts is well, nuts. She’s crazy. Her whole character design is based off of being a total wack job for comedic purposes. Nuts did not start out as a streamer. In fact, Nuts was first introduced to the twitchverse through another VRChat player, Chipz. Chipz is also known as the Twitch Streamer, StealthRG. Chipz uses his stream to promote his music, which is genius. He will play guitar and sing songs to people on stream and in game. And let me tell ya, this guy is GOOD.  Chipz and Nuts really hit it off in VRChat, and the ones viewing Chipz’s stream REALLY loved Nuts. I mean, really loved her. Over the course of a few months, clips of Chipz and Nuts started to appear on Youtube, totaling hundreds of thousands of views. They formed a fanbase. It was through the consistent love and support shown through the open platform of VRChat that Nuts decided to finally stream for the first time. After her first stream, Nuts has over 20k followers on Twitch. Which is insanely fast growth. During the first 40 minutes of Nuts’s stream, her viewers donated over $500 to her, some donations coming in at over $100. She wasn’t even playing the game yet! The amount of people who were extending their love was absolutely inspiring. She had a consistent 7-8k viewers at all times during her stream, which is enough to land her on the front page of Live Twitch Streams. Her comments were out of control with people telling her how much they loved her over and over again. She was so overwhelmed with the support that she received that she was lost for words. Whoever Nuts is in real life, she was forever changed because of the truly open and honest community of VRChat, and I think that is truly beautiful. 

 Jenna Marbles, Julien Solomita, and Eric Storrer


The next story involves another popular YouTuber with over 17 million subscribers, Jenna Marbles. Jenna started making videos after graduating college and realizing that all she wanted to do was make people laugh and feel better about themselves. She started making videos on her webcam, coming up with viral hits such as, “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good-looking” and more. Since then, Jenna has exploded in internet popularity. She has put out a new video every single week on her channel for the past 9 years. Jenna published an entertaining video on August 10th, 2017 titled “Google Deep Dive With Me 2” Which was seen by nearly 4M people. In this video, Jenna accompanied by boyfriend and business partner, Julien, were Google deep diving, which is where you search for random things on the internet and see where it takes you. YouTube recommended a video with a thumbnail that in their words, “Looked too good to be true.”

That video, titled Fire Drill Fail, belongs to an old YouTube channel from 2010 that they fell in love with. This channel, named ESTO1121, features a young 12-year-old boy named Eric Storrer testing out his amateur editing abilities. Even at a young age, Eric is able to make some very entertaining content. Inspired by his purity and creative genius, Jenna and Julien invited Eric on their Podcast, creating an episode that has so far reached nearly 600k views.

When Jenna and Julien found Eric’s channel, Eric was on a hiking trip in Colorado. He didn’t have his phone on this trip. As soon as Eric returned to an area that had cell service, his phone exploded with notifications from his family and friends telling him that he’s famous now and to click a link. His first reaction was denial, thinking everyone’s phones had been hacked or maybe it was some type of virus. His phone was being overloaded so quickly that it became hot. He called his mom and asked what was going on, and it was then that he was informed he had been discovered by Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita.

Eric’s mom had made a video in response to Jenna and Julien’s discovery, explaining why Eric hasn’t responded to their offer. He had no idea this was happening. Jenna and Julien waited for Eric to come home. Eric is now a freshman in college and Jenna and Julien wanted to be respectful of his time. They worked their schedule around his in order to interview him via Skype. This detail is important to me because most large creators have a large ego to match,  and it would be easy to assume that they would imply that the “lesser creator” or the person who they’re helping should basically bow down and do as they say. But, Jenna and Julien operate on a highly respectful level with all of the people they encounter. Providing a wonderful example for others And that is truly admirable.

When Eric watched the video, he was overwhelmed with the positivity that he received. Jenna and Julien were thoroughly entertained with Eric’s work from 6 years ago. Work that Eric put a lot of time and effort into, and never thought anyone would ever see.

Eric mentions the insane synchronicity of Jenna and Julien typing the exact title of one of his videos into the search bar, Fire Drill Fail. Almost as if the stars aligned and this was truly meant to be. What are the chances of that happening?

The night Jenna and Julien filmed the Google Deep Dive video, when they discovered Eric, they were having a rough time. 2 of their dogs were sick and they were having several frustrating technical issues. When they found Eric’s channel, they could not stop laughing.

Jenna says, “It’s like a gold mine. It’s the perfect mix of funny… and happy and of course a child made it. Because it’s so pure! Everything that I want on the Internet! Brilliant.”

It seems these videos came to Jenna and Julien at the exact right timing, right when they needed a good laugh. Eric states that he had pretty much given up on his dream, and decided he would just go to school and study business. Right as he decides he’s done with his dream, it comes and sneaks up on him in an amazing way. Eric states that he has since made videos for his community, and school projects. His editing skills have since improved due to his passion for learning and growing. And after the interview, Eric has made a few more videos but is currently focusing on school.

How did these people become so lucky?

They didn’t. Luck has nothing to do with it. The thing that Bobby Burns, Nuts, and Eric Storrer have in common is that they never stopped pursuing what they wanted. They didn’t allow fear to squash their dreams. They were brave enough to stand up for what they believe in, and the universe rewarded them.

Eric shared more of his personal journey during the interview. When he was around 7 or 8 years old, he started playing with the family video camera. From there, he made videos with his friends, and when he entered middle school, he started filming and editing videos, and uploading them to YouTube. He taught himself how to create the effects he envisioned in his mind.

Bobby and Eric, like anybody else, did not come out of the womb knowing how to edit videos. Creating videos is a skill that they developed through hard work and dedication. This is a skill I’m building myself, and I’m realizing that everything in life is a skill. Nothing is handed to you for free. Everything worth having is earned.

These YouTube giants took the initiative to acknowledged a smaller channel. Because of this, Bobby and Eric became self-actualized and understood that they have a real talent. That they are worthy of success. Something they could use to bring joy to other people. If Shane, Jenna and Julian hadn’t found these people in this Divine timing, they might of ended up giving up completely on something that makes them great.


It doesn’t matter what your passion is, as long as you never stop chasing it. These 3 examples above are of content creators who kept trying, never stopped developing their skills, and are now successful. Don’t dismiss these stories just because you’ve never made videos, or escaped into a virtual world. If you keep striving for what you want, the law of attraction will naturally guide the right opportunities into your path.

You have to do the work yourself. No one can teach you. You have to learn for yourself. You have to show the world what you’re made of. If Shane and Jenna would have stopped making videos after they failed the first time, not only would they have missed out on their dream careers, but all of the millions of subscribers they have would have missed out on their mood lifting, positivity inducing comedy for the last 10 years. Their hard work has helped millions of people through tough times, and that is worth every single failure in my book.

If Nuts would have been too afraid of success to continue making content, thousands of people would have missed out on some much needed laughter. Opportunities present themselves when we work for them, and are ready for them. No one has ever become successful just by sitting and wishing. It’s easy to be hateful and jealous of the successful people in your lives, but until you take the initiative to do the work for yourself, you will never appreciate what it takes to succeed. You will never learn what it takes to reach YOUR true potential.

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