Millennial YouTuber Talks REAL X-Men Super Powers: How to Unlock Yours

by Sterling Nicole Bennett

While watching my favorite team of superhuman misfits, the X-Men, I realized something quite revolutionary.

The display of power in large outbursts of colorful energy, fire, lasers, or whatever doesn’t necessarily mean that the character can see the energy as clearly as its being depicted on TV.

For example, Jean Grey has the power of telekinesis and telepathy, and she also holds the power of the Dark Phoenix inside of her. When she is forced to use a large amount of energy, the creators of these films illustrate this by wrapping Jean in an aura or flow of reds and oranges radiating off of her body. 

Now, let’s take a moment and put ourselves in Jean’s shoes.

If you were super hyper telekinetic and were at an elevated sense of emotion, do you honestly think that energy could only be real if you could see it as clearly as you could feel it?


One of the benefits of opening your third eye is you tend to learn that not everything that exists can be seen with your physical eyes. Much of the world can only be viewed through your third eye, which in this case sees energy.

Let’s Talk Rogue

Now, let’s talk about my favorite X-Men, Rogue for a moment. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Rogue’s mutation makes it impossible for her to touch another person’s skin without absorbing their life force. When touching another Mutant, this causes Rogue to absorb their power as well. If she holds on for too long, she could kill the person. She sees this as a curse, never being able to fully be with a physical partner. Rogue’s power illustrates a quite literal example of empathy. Rogue’s power pretty much makes her an insanely hyperactive empath.

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To my fellow empaths out there, how many times have you felt the absorption of someone else emotions? You literally take on another person’s personality and emotions for a period of time, and it doesn’t require any physical contact. Many empaths never learn that this is actually a gift and not a curse, and you can learn to control your power. 

How Can You Harness Your Own Power?

The gift of empathy can be useful in many ways. Empathy helps you place yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand their life and why they might make decisions that would otherwise confuse you. Empathy gives you the ability to fully connect with another person and feel their pain, feel their past.

So much good can come from Empathy.


What you may have noticed is that many of the abilities possible are not just given to you at birth. They exist, and you have the option to develop them. Of course, there will be some abilities that come more naturally to you than others will, but that doesn’t mean you are limited to what you can achieve.

The sky is quite literally the limit. 

-Sterling Nicole Bennett

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